Atlantic Coast Marine Response (ACMR) Environmental Service specializes in Emergency Response and disaster recovery and related services, professionally conducting cleanup and recovery operations for thousands of spills and other incidents each year using highly trained, experienced and proficient personnel. With decades of combined experience dealing in a wide array of emergencies, ACMR's major projects have included large-scale petroleum products, chemical and hazardous material spills, transportation accidents, biological threats, and post-hurricane cleanup / recovery. From roadside hazardous material releases to large-scale oil spills, ACMR Environmental Services brings all the essential elements - timing, equipment, location and personnel - to our clients.

ACMR has responded to Natural Disaster situations throughout NC. At one NC Marina on Lake Wylie tornadoes and wind sheer caused a great deal of damage. In the late evening hours in February, Long Cove Marina sustained damage to most all of the marina roof structures collapsing and pinning close to one-hundred vessels beneath the debris. ACMR performed vessel recovery, debris removal, pollution mitigation and proper disposal of pollutants.