Recent Clean Ups

  • 2018/04

    Responded to a sunken 72,000# excavator and barge. Lake Norman along with a 30’ x 50’ barge. Prevented release of heavy oils and fuel.

  • 2018/02

    Responded to a US Navy Vessel. Provided remediation services.

  • 2017/09

    54’ Gwaltney came to rest on her port side. Crews prevented release of hazardous liquid while working on an oceanside beach during tropical system

  • 2016/11

    51’ Tug released of estimated 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel which migrated downgradient and impacted adjacent properties as well as a tidal marsh in Beaufort NC.

  • 2016/09

    Lube oil spill due to Hurricane Matthew that dispersed into a storm drain that discharges into the Cashie River. Windsor NC

  • 2016/09

    Contaminated bulk tank disposal at marina. Manteo NC

  • 2016/08

    Responded to transportation accident and removed approx. 12 tons of contaminated soil

  • 2016/06

    Disposed of 30,000 gallons of hazardous liquid in a hold of a leaking barge at the State Port in Morehead City

  • 2016/04

    38’ M/V Fire and cleanup. Removed 1350 gallons of liquid waste and 9 drums of solids. Hixson TN

  • 2016/02

    Restoration services to the Dan River for Large utility company.

  • 2015/03

    Lake Norris TN Responded to Marina collapse from snow and ice. Mitigated environmental impacts from hundreds of sunken vessels.

  • 2014/12

    Responded to a 40’ Boat Fire. Mitigated the release of debris and fuel. Oriental NC

  • 2014/11

    Marina oil spill cleanup. Beaufort NC

  • 2014/07

    Responded to release of oil form a World War 2 wreck site. Provided assessment and secured the release.

  • 2014/02

    Marina and Yacht Club docks were affected by snowfall that had weighed down the Marinas buildings and were in an imminent threat of roof collapse. 110 Vessels

  • 2013/10

    Marina fuel and oil spill cleanup. Myrtle Beach SC

  • 2012/07

    Accident recovery on the Cashie River

  • 2012/02

    Responded to commercial vessel actively discharging fuel. Beaufort NC

  • 2011/05

    Remediation of surrounding area due an overturned tractor-trailer. Chocowinity, NC

  • 2011/02

    Responded to a large vessel fire. Prevented the migration of fire debris and fuel to nearby wetlands. Beaufort NC

  • 2010/10

    Diesel spill containment and clean-up of over 380 gallons of contaminants. Beaufort NC

  • 2010/08

    47’ F/V Fuel spill response services after vessel fire.

  • 2010/03

    41’ Ocean Yacht sunk and approximately 200 gallons of diesel fuel and oils had been released. Skimming operations remediation of nearby wetlands.