Marine Response & Salvage Services

We offer a wide array of services.

  • Marine Spill Response
  • Bilge Cleaning and Slops Disposal
  • Training and Drills
  • Lightering Operations
  • OSRO Coverage
  • Sinking or Sunken Vessel Service
  • Boom Deployment
  • Average Most Probable Discharge Coverage
  • Tank Cleaning Services
  • Confined Space Entry Cleaning

Natural Disaster Response

At Atlantic Coast Marine Group / Atlantic Coast Marine Response Environmental Services we specialize in disaster recovery. Our decades of combined experience in dealing with a wide array of emergencies, as well as our geographically targeted response locations, allows ACMR to provide total readiness in a Natural Disaster situation. ACMR's major projects have included snow / ice-storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and lightning strikes.

Salvage Response

Salvage of a vessel can most simply be defined as any situation that causes the vessel and her contents or occupants peril which cannot be remedied by time or tide. The vessel cannot make way under its own power without further assistance and without additional peril. This still MIGHT not be a salvage. We offer Emergency Response, Marine Salvage and Wreck Removal.

Salvage Response:

  • Surf Rescue
  • Airbag
  • Dive Service
  • Marine Recovery
  • Sunken Vessel Recovery
  • Dewatering
  • Sinkings
  • Boat Fire
  • Hard Groundings
  • Prop Disentanglement
  • National Disaster Recovery
  • Transportation Accidents
  • Remove Operated Vehicle (ROV)
  • Drone Capability

Oil and Fuel Spills and Marina Fires

The sooner a spill is cleaned up and the damage is mitigated, the better the outcome. Many chemicals make up petroleum products. All are hazardous to the health of humans, animals, sea life and plants to one degree or another. Some are also extremely unstable. So, it is essential that the chemicals are contained and that the threat of fire and/or explosion be kept at bay. To do that, it is necessary to know the characteristics and safest way to handle each possible compound so that every operation be carried out with limited impact or peril.


When we hear the term chemical spill it’s not always assumed that what we are dealing with is necessarily a danger, but the term HAZMat/hazardous material brings a much more threatening image. A HAZMat spill is a known serious health hazard/s and threat to humans and the surrounding environment, and by law must be handled as such. A specially trained and certified staff, proper gear and proper containment are critical and necessary.