On October 7, Atlantic Coast Marine Response crews responded to a vessel that caught fire while underway along the North Carolina coast. The result of the fire released hundreds of gallons of fuel into its bilge space. Crews worked to remove the fuel oil and prevent discharge. vessel fire releases fuel into bilge space

On October 10, our crews responded to a Marina where a contractor was installing a new fuel line. The line ruptured and subsequently releasing fuel into the water. Crews contained and remediated the area and nearby shoreline. fuel line leak at marina

On October 21, 2019, ACMR responded to a United States Postal Service vehicle that caught fire and release fuel and other liquids into a tidal ditch and roadway. US Postal Vehicle Emergency Fuel Spill

Earlier in the month, ACMR crews responded to a foreign flagged ship that had a large oil release in its keel box. Crews carried out confined space operations to allow her to sail from the United States Port. large oil release from keel box

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